Batman V Superman

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Batman v Superman

Fearing that the actions of Superman are left unchecked Batman takes on the Man of Steel while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs Batman Ben Affleck and Superman Henry Cavill share the screen in this Warner Bros DC Entertainment co production penned by David S Goyer and Chris Terrio and directed by Zack Snyder Amy Adams and Diane Lane return as Lois Lane and Martha Kent respectively tweets photos videos K followers Check out the latest Tweets from Batman v Superman BatmanvSuperman Batman v Superman Dawn of Justiceis a American superhero filmfeaturing the DC icscharacters Batmanand Superman Directed by Zack Snyder it is the second installment in the DC Extended Universe DCEU following s Man of Steel The official movie site for BATMAN v SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE directed by Zack Snyder Zack Snyder s BATMAN V SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March batmanvsupermanmovie batmanvsuperman From director Zack Snyder es Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice starring Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman in the characters first big screen pairing What an adversarial time this is Hulk Hogan versus Gawker The People v O J Simpson Bernie versus Hillary Trump versus Everybody now Batman versus Superman e of these things is not like the others I know Two of the most famous good guys in pop culture can t really be enemies Mankind faces a new threat as Batman Ben Affleck embarks on a personal vendetta against Superman Henry Cavill Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice cast and crew credits including actors actresses directors writers and more

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