Mozilla Firefox Rebranded As Firefox Quantum Neowin

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Mozilla Firefox rebranded as Firefox Quantum Neowin

Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation Firefox is a web browser and is Mozilla s flagship software product It is available in both desktop and mobile versions Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to Mozilla Firefox mo z l fa f ks Gecko Mozilla Firefox przegl darka internetowa o otwartym kodzie r d owym oparta na silniku Gecko stworzona i rozwijana przez Mozilla Foundation Mozilla Kali Linux ships with the IceWeasel which is the default Web browser IceWeasel is a rebranded version of FireFox by the Debian Foundation This was done so they Firefox users who rely on specific legacy add ons have a couple of options to continue using them when Mozilla cuts of support in Firefox The essential tech news of the moment Technology s news site of record Not for dummies Security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski revealed he was joining Apple earlier this month and now it turns out his Mac security app Little Flocker has Mozilla s Multi Account Container extension is an add on for the Firefox web browser It works by separating browsing sessions and browser cookies putting them in InformationWeek shares news analysis and advice on operating systems from Microsoft Windows to Apple iOS

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