Sonja Holleeder

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Sonja Holleeder

Willem Holleeder is likely to hear the testimony given by the three most important women in his life for the first time today His two sisters Astrid and Sonja and Sandra the widow of Sam Klepper who was murdered in secretly testified about Holleeder s criminal life two years ago Sonja Holleeder Spreekt over Broer Willem Holleeder Sonja Holleeder Spreekt over Broer Willem Holleeder Sonja Holleeder uigt voor het eerst Willem Frederik Holleeder born May is a Dutch criminal Holleeder is nicknamed De Neus The Nose because of the size of his nose The three women are Sonja and Astrid Holleeder and Sandra Klepper Holleeder s ex girlfriend and widow of the criminal Sam Klepper who was shot dead in Amsterdam in Sonja Holleeder s husband Cor van Hout was murdered in In zijn Astrid Holleeder Sonja van Hout en Sandra Klepper Willem Holleeder was in februari medeoprichter van de motorclub No Surrender MC en vice RTL Late Night over de Holleeder Tapes RTL Late Night over de Holleeder Tapes Sonja Holleeder uigt voor het eerst tegen haar broer Willem Berichten over Sonja Holleeder geschreven door Volksnieuws uit Amsterdam Noir Ms Holleeder is the sister of Willem Holleeder convicted of the kidnapping of the Dutch beer millionaire Freddy Heineken He has been in and out of prison for years but never for murder though Ms Holleeder calls him a serial killer in her book Deze keer heeft Peter zijn Gangster moppie Sonja Holleeder ingezet om haar broer te arderen tot het Monster During the abduction Van Hout collaborated with Willem Holleeder Frans Meijer and Jan Boellaard The four men abducted Freddy Heineken and his driver in front of

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