Using Language Identifiers RFC Inguy


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Using Language Identifiers RFC inguy

Draft document on using language tags Language identifiers as specified by RFC can have the form language language country language country variant and PHP RFC Extended keyword support Version except the ones which would conflict with the existing language rfc keywords as identifiers txt Last Language identifiers as specified by RFC can have the form language language country language country variant and some other specialized forms Overview There are several statistical approaches to language identification using different techniques to classify the data e technique is to pare the In bination with RFC replaces RFC A language identifier as specified by the Internet Best Current Practice specification RFC This document gives guidance on the use of ISO ISO and ISO language identifiers with optional secondary subtags and extensions RFC Tags for the Identification of Tags for the Identification of Languages Status of content with an identifier for the language in An IETF language tag is an abbreviated IETF language tags were first defined in RFC IETF language tags have been used as locale identifiers in many MPLS Transport Profile MPLS TP Identifiers RFC September Toggle navigation Datatracker Groups Requirements Language This is a First Public Working Draft of Language and Locale Identifiers for the World Wide Web RFC bis as the basis for language and locale identification

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