Gorgeous Breeds Of Colourpoint Cats Petshomes


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Gorgeous breeds of colourpoint cats petshomes

John and Diane Bain Bridgend Mid Glam Tel Email Web Site Our kittens are raised indoors and are well socialised with dogs other cats and Find British Shorthair breeders British Shorthair cat breeders British Shorthair cats British Shorthair kittens British Shorthair kittens for sale Cattery listing of breeders around the world with chocolate and lilac kittens and cats organized alphabetically by cat Siamese cats are meant to have blue eyes The blue eye colour is linked to the coat which is the Siamese pattern or colourpoint The CFA Siamese breed standard VANITONIA RAGDOLLS Members of The British Ragdoll Club Kittens have arrived and are doing well and growing quick We have a mixture of colours boys an Red Tabby male and Seal Colourpoint female ready from th August Holidays honoured They are all GCCF registered fully vaccinated wormed and flea Himalayan kittens for sale Browse Himalayan Classifieds Find Himalayan breeders view photos of Himalayan kittens and cats for sale

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